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By Janet, Jun 15 2012 04:06PM

We’ve received a lot of great comments about our website, thank you! Whilst it’s flattering to receive all your compliments we’d like to say a proper thank you to and introduce you to Kay van-Bellen – whose designs you’ve all been commenting on so favourably – without her, our website wouldn’t be the lovely place that it is.

We bumped into Kay at the Craft.Design.Contemporary event in Nottingham last year. In 2012 when we were trying to visualize our site Kay’s work came straight back into mind.

We got together and told her the story of The Refectory Table, Kay took photos of objects in our home and developed a fantastic portfolio of images for us to use, which we have done not only on this site, but on twitter etc. too.

The other day, we asked Kay these questions: What’s new? What’s fun? and What’s next? Here are her replies:

What’s new?

‘I’m working on a range of new prints and ceramics – and also on a new collection of paintings. Watch this space.’

What’s fun?

‘Camping with the kids in the rain last week in Norfolk!’

What’s next?

‘’ Nothing there yet, but this will be a new home for a collection of works based on interesting people I see out and about.’

If you’d like to find out about more about Kay and her work take a look at her website, shop and blog here:

Blog - musings from The Refectory Table

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