Drain Tile Protects Your Foundation From Water Damage And Needs Repairs When It Clogs

Your home's drain tile system works quietly in the background to prevent water damage to your home. You may even forget all about the drains around the perimeter of your house, but they work constantly to move water from your roof and from storms away from your home and to a safe location.

If something happens to one of the drains, water might pool in your yard and eventually cause foundation damage or get your basement wet. If you notice water standing in your yard, call a drain tile repair contractor to take a look at your system and make repairs if necessary. Here's what they may do.

Perform A Video Inspection

The contractor might take a look at the drains to see what's causing the problem. Drain tiles are different from traditional household drains. The drain tiles are made from PVC like regular drains, but they are perforated so water in the soil can fall in the drain and get routed away. The perforations leave the drain vulnerable to clogging from tree roots and soil.

A video inspection can help determine if that's the problem with your drain tile system. The inspection can also pinpoint the exact location of the clog so the contractor knows where to start digging if the drain has to be dug up.

Clear Out A Clog

Drain tile can be cleared out just like any other type of drain. The contractor can run a drain auger through to punch the clog open, or they can use a hydro jet to break up soil clogs and tree roots. The method they use depends on whether the drain is in good shape and whether the system allows access to a hydro jet or drain auger. If it's not possible to clear the clog while the drain is still under the ground, it may be necessary to dig up the drains.

Dig Up And Replace The Drain

If a drain is collapsed or can't be cleared otherwise, the contractor may need to dig the drain up and replace it with a new drain. This is disruptive and a lot of work, but once the new drain is in place, you shouldn't have problems with your system for a long time. This is especially true when the contractor chooses a PVC drain that doesn't collapse, and a setup that allows for the passage of drain cleaning tools so clogs can be cleaned out from above the ground.

Replacing or clearing clogged drain tile is important for protecting your home from water damage and foundation problems, so don't delay calling a contractor who can provide you with sound advice on how to proceed with finding a solution to your property's drainage problem.  

For more info about drain tile repair, contact a local company.