2 Reasons Against Turning Your Roof's Need For Repair Into A DIY Project

After noticing a patch on your roof where some shingles are either broken or missing, you may be tempted to try fixing the problem yourself. You may believe that all you need to do is simply remove the shingles or their pieces and nail enough replacements to cover the bare patch.

However, while the job may seem easy enough that you can do it yourself without having to call a professional, you should think twice about doing so. There are a couple of reasons against turning your roof's need for repair into a do-it-yourself (DIY) project.

1. You Could Cause More Damage to Your Roof, Including Areas That Did Not Need Repairs

One reason against attempting DIY repairs on your roof is that you could cause more damage than what is already there. In the area that needs repairs, you could end up hammering in a nail too deep, which would create a new water leak into your house.

You may even cause damage to areas on the roof where repairs were not needed. If you do not know the proper way to walk and carry tools and materials, you may end up breaking shingles or loosening them so that they slide off. 

2. Your Roof May No Longer Be Covered under the Warranty or Your Homeowner's Insurance

Another reason why you should forget about making the repairs on your roof yourself is that the roof would most likely no longer be covered for future damages. Under both the warranty and your homeowner's insurance, you should only have a certified roofing professional make repairs on your roof.

Even if you cannot tell that the patch you did was part of a DIY repair job, a roofer and insurance adjuster will be able to. If this happens, if your roof is damaged in a future storm, you may be stuck with the repair bill for it.

Even if your roof only needs a few shingles replaced and you feel you can easily do the job, you may wind up causing more damage and could even damage shingles that did not need repairs. And, while you may believe that your repair job appears flawless, insurance adjusters and professionals can tell the difference, making it likely that future damage to your roof would not be covered under the warranty or your homeowner's insurance. Instead of taking these chances, contact a roof repair contractor when there is a problem with your roof so that they can fix it for you instead of trying to do it yourself.