Important Signs You Need Home Gutter System Repairs

The gutter system that routes water away from your roof and home is easy to neglect. Far above eye level and relatively inconspicuous on most homes, gutter systems don't always get the same level of attention as other structural implements. However, when a gutter system is not functioning properly due to damage or a need for repair, this can have dire consequences for the livelihood of your home. Usually, gutters in disrepair will show some important signs. Take a look at a few telltale signs that you need to contact a home gutter system repair service for help. 

You Spot Broken Fasteners 

Gutters are supported by a series of fasteners that are placed in short intervals along each trough. You can sometimes spot broken hangers, even though you may not be able to visible see that the gutters are not functioning properly. Pay close attention to any screws you find around the perimeter of the house as well, as these can indicate the brackets are not fastened in place. 

Gutter Troughs Are Sagging 

Properly supported and flowing gutter troughs should never sag. Gutter troughs are installed slightly off-level to encourage drainage to the downspouts. therefore, it is normal for gutter troughs to have a slight horizontal drop. However, sagging is far more apparent and is usually a sign that the gutters are clogged and support brackets are failing. 

You See Water Runoff Stains on Your Home Siding 

Take a look at the area just under your gutters on the exterior cladding of the house. If the gutters are working properly, you should not see signs of discoloration, mildew, or water stains. If you do see stains where water has been sliding down your siding, this means the gutters are likely overflowing when it rains and spilling over the side of the trough instead of flowing to the downspouts. Over time, this kind of runoff can cause issues with mold on the home siding, but the water may also be slipping into areas between the siding and the house that you can't see. 

Sections of the Gutter Are Leaking 

Make a point to head outside when it rains to get a quick look at how well your gutters are functioning. Gutter issues are commonly overlooked because most people do not stand in the rain to evaluate whether their gutters are doing their job. However, it is well worth it to grab an umbrella and take a look. If you see rainwater dripping from some gutter sections, this could indicate there is a crack or hole in that area that needs to be addressed. 

For more information about residential gutter system repair, contact a local company.