Air Duct Cleaning: How It's Done And Why You Need It

Forced air furnaces are the most common type of HVAC system found in homes. These furnaces produce heat and send it into the home through air ducts. Thus, air ducts are an essential component of a forced air HVAC system. Unfortunately, the air ducts accumulate dirt, debris, and germs over the months and years. If you're concerned about this, you should hire a company to clean these areas as they won't clean themselves. Here is a guide to help you learn what to expect from it and why you need it. 

The air duct cleaning process

Companies that clean air ducts use several steps to complete this task. First, they suction the air ducts with a large vacuum. This process removes most of the loose dirt and debris. They'll access your air ducts from several locations in your home. They might even access every air vent to ensure they remove all the debris.

The next step involves sanitizing the air ducts. These companies use a sanitization chemical to kill the germs and bacteria in the air ducts. They generally spray this chemical in the air ducts, and it travels throughout the entire system.

Why you need this service 

All the air in your home travels through your home's air duct system. Thus, if your air ducts contain germs, the germs spread throughout your house whenever your HVAC system runs. Your family might get sick from exposure to these germs and bacteria. Additionally, your house will be dustier and dirtier. The air ducts also trap unwanted odors. These odors also spread throughout a house when the HVAC system runs. Cleaning the air ducts eliminates these odors.

The frequency to hire it out

How often should you have this service completed at your house? Some people hire this out once or twice a year, while others do it every couple of years. You can determine how often to hire it out. You can also ask the air duct cleaning company what they recommend.

Hire an air duct cleaning company today

You can attempt to clean your air ducts, but you won't have the tools to clean them well. A company that offers this service has the tools, equipment, and supplies to clean your air ducts efficiently and thoroughly. You can hire a company in your area to handle this job for you. Then you'll have a cleaner, safer home environment to live in.

Contact a service provider to learn more about air duct cleaning