Vinyl Siding Offers Multiple Benefits And Is Easy To Maintain

If you're getting new vinyl siding put on, your contractor will explain the siding installation process and answer all of your questions before you sign your contract. Vinyl is a popular choice for homeowners, so you can rest easy knowing that you've made a good decision for your home since vinyl lasts a long time and it's attractive. Here are some things to know about the cost of vinyl panels, how to care for vinyl, and the benefits you might enjoy.

Things That Affect The Cost Of Siding Installation

The size of your house matters since the bigger your house, the more panels you'll need to buy. However, other things factor into the cost too. For instance, if your home has water-damaged walls, the contractor will repair the water damage rather than cover it up. If the old siding has to come off, that adds to the cost too due to the extra labor involved and the dump fee.

Sometimes, new vinyl panels can be put over old siding to save money, but that depends on whether the walls have any moisture damage and the type of materials on your house now. Other things that affect the cost of installation are the quality of the vinyl panels you buy and if you want house wrap and insulation added first.

Vinyl Doesn't Need Much Care

As long as the panels are hung carefully so they have room to expand and contract, you shouldn't have problems with warping. Quality vinyl panels can sometimes withstand hail and may even come with a hail warranty. Bugs and other pests aren't drawn to vinyl, so the risk of damage is low. This all results in needing few repairs.

The panels are easy to keep clean as well. You won't ever have to paint the panels. Instead, you can pressure wash the walls periodically depending on how fast they get dirty. This keeps your siding fresh, clean, and attractive. The color of your siding barely fades, so your home holds on to its new look for a long time.

Vinyl Panels Offer Multiple Benefits

Once your new siding installation is complete, you can enjoy a beautiful new look for your home at the same time you enjoy increased energy efficiency. You can buy panels with insulation on the back, or your contractor can put insulation on the walls. Either way, the insulation improves energy efficiency and keeps out freezing and hot weather.

In addition, the siding provides soundproofing. If you live in a noisy area, you might notice a reduction in traffic and other noises that make your sleep more comfortable and your house a little quieter.

To learn more, contact a siding installation service in your area.