A Design And Build Project

If a designer and a builder are hired separately, conflicts could arise that could postpone the construction of a building. A design-build process involves a seamless set of operations that are conducted in a cohesive manner.

The Contract And The Working Relationship

A traditional building process requires a property owner to seek the services of a designer and a builder. This may require a property owner to seek the bids of several professionals. A company that provides design and build services will supply both of the team leaders who will be overlooking the design and construction phases of an upcoming job. Both of these individuals work harmoniously and will look over a set of building plans or 3D scale models prior to moving on to the construction phase of the project.

Since one team will be involved in the entire building process, a customer's vision won't be lost between the planning and execution stages. Both individuals will consult with a client on a routine basis, providing details about how a project is going and any modifications that need to be made to the construction plans.

A Project's Progress

When services are sought through two independent companies, there may be some issues that will prevent a project from being completed as it was initially planned. A designer and a building contractor who work for two different firms will not be accustomed to the type of work that each person is capable of. A designer may have a particular vision for an upcoming project and a building contractor may have a completely different vision.

This could result in a construction project being delayed. Both parties will need to be in agreement about a series of design plans. They should both be allowed to supply their input. A design-build process supports a smooth planning and execution process. The individuals who are part of a design and build team will likely be very familiar with one another. Each person will be aware of how long a particular design step or construction step will take.

As a result of this type of working relationship, a property owner will not be supplied with inaccurate dates for the completion of a particular design or construction phase. All of the work that each person will be responsible for completing will be outlined in a customer's contract. A design and building contractor may each have a series of employees who work under them.