There Are Ways You Can Maintain Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is often marketed as being "low maintenance." This is true. Vinyl does not need to be scraped, painted, or stained like other types of siding. It won't start chipping or breaking down if you get it wet or if it stays dry. But while vinyl siding does not really require maintenance, there are definitely some things you can do to keep it in good condition. Try the following.

Power wash your vinyl siding.

While allowing your vinyl siding to get dirty won't really cause any damage or make it break down sooner, you probably do want your siding to look clean. The best way to keep it clean is to power wash it. The high rate of speed of the water that comes out of the power washer can blast away dirt and grime — even the grime that's stuck in the grooves of textured vinyl.

When you're power washing your vinyl siding, just make sure you angle the power washer down. This way, the water won't get under the siding and cause it to peel off the side of your home. You can power wash your vinyl siding as often as you'd like, but most people don't need to do it more than once a year.

Keep weed trimmers and lawnmowers away from it.

One of the most common ways vinyl siding is damaged is with weed trimmers and lawnmowers. So, to keep your siding in good condition and without cracks and chips, you need to keep the power equipment away from the siding. Plant your plants a little further back from your home so you don't have to get so close to the home with trimmers. Also, consider putting stone or rubber chipped along your home's foundation so you don't have to bring the lawnmower too close.

Clean your gutters.

One reason why you have gutters is to protect your siding. They prevent water from dripping down the siding and staining it. But gutters can only do this job well when they are clean. So, make sure you are cleaning out your gutters at least twice a year in the spring or fall. If climbing up a ladder to clean gutters makes you nervous, there are plenty of companies that offer gutter cleaning services.

Even though vinyl siding is low maintenance, it can benefit from the care described above. For more information, contact a local company, like Kelly's Construction Inc.