Five Signs You Need to Replace Your Office Door

It is almost impossible to find a door that will last forever, and even for the most durable doors, we can't expect them all to be functional and safe during their entire lifespan. Sometimes one key factor can lead to other problems, and eventually result in an urgent need for door replacement.

The Anchor Bolts Are Bent or Broken

One of the most common reasons why you might need new doors is when the anchor bolts get bent out of shape. While this doesn't affect how well the doors function, it does make them unsafe and difficult to open and close properly. If there's a problem with any of your anchor bolts, then it might be time for new doors soon.

The Door Jamb Is Cracked or Split

While most doors come with a warranty, it's best not to wait for the worst. Cracked and split jambs are clear signs of damage, so if this happens to the one at your workplace, act fast before things get even worse. It might be hard to open or close the door without exerting extra pressure on it, which can cause even more problems further down the line.

The Glass Is Broken or Warped Out of Shape

If there are any cracks in the glass, try to get them repaired immediately. If the glass is warped in any way, then it's time for doors replacement. This might be because of a faulty installation or some sort of impact that has happened over time. When one of these things happens, if you leave it long enough, you'll end up with an unsafe door that can easily shatter at the slightest touch of pressure applied by someone using it improperly.

It Takes More Than One Person to Open and Close your Doors

If this is happening when it shouldn't be, then there might be something wrong with the springs on the hinges or the latch mechanism itself. Either way, this is not safe for anyone who needs to use those doors.

The Door Is Too heavy and Difficult to Open and Close

This might be due to the age of the doors in which case, replacing them might not be a bad idea if they're very old. Another reason why this could happen is that there's not enough room between the bottom threshold and the floor or carpet which can cause some major problems with how well your doors function. It may require someone really strong to lift it up when trying to open or close it. This type of difficulty can lead to serious injury if something were to go wrong due to someone over-exerting themselves when trying to operate the door.

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues with your door, contact a door replacement service immediately.