Avoid Costly Repairs By Properly Maintaining Your Well Water System

If your home utilizes a well water system, maintaining uninterrupted access to a safe, clean water supply will depend greatly upon your commitment to proper maintenance. This is because proper water system maintenance will allow you to avoid many of the most common issues that can otherwise result in your well becoming contaminated or inoperable. Continue reading to learn more about the preventative maintenance steps you can take to avoid these types of costly problems.

Have Your System Professionally Serviced Each Year

If you choose to do only one thing on this list of preventative maintenance steps, this should be the one. This is because an annual inspection is a great way for you to identify potential issues with your well water system before they grow into major issues. As part of this inspection, you can expect your contractor to look for any issues regarding water flow, bacteria levels, leaks, and water table levels. Your contractor will also inspect all the aspects of your well system for signs of wear and tear so that any aging parts can be replaced before they fail.

While there will be a service call fee associated with this type of professional maintenance, this fee truly pales in comparison to the cost of an emergency repair if your water system stops functioning due to a lack of maintenance. 

Inspect Above Ground Components

Take the time to visually inspect all of the above ground components of your water system in between professional inspections. Look for signs of leaks, such as high groundwater levels in your drainfield. You should also look for any cracks in your well cap as this can be a sign of potential contamination. Finally, inspect your well pump for any signs of corrosion, high pressure readings, or leaks. Making notes or taking photographs during each inspection can provide a valuable reference point for the next time you inspect your system so that you can more easily identify any changes that may be concerning. 

Get Your Water Tested

When using a public water supply, you do not need to worry about getting the water tested because the company that supplies your water takes care of this testing for you. However, when using a well water system, it is up to you to ensure the water your well is supplying is safe for consumption and use around your home. The best way to do this is by having your water tested at least a few times a year.

In addition to having your water tested on a regular schedule, you will also want to take a water sample in for testing if you have any reason to believe your well may have been contaminated. For instance, if you experienced a chemical spill on your property, or if you have recently discovered a crack in your well cap, you will want to have the water tested to ensure that no contamination has taken place. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for water system maintenance services near you.