Asphalt Pavement Installation With Custom Features for Commercial Applications

If you are installing new pavement for your business or private property, there are many things to consider. When installing these new asphalt pavements, you want them to be attractive, durable, and functional. Thus, it is important to consider the features that you add to your installation before you begin the process. The following asphalt pavement installation information will give your project the right features:

Get Professional Help Asphalt Pavement Designs

The design of pavements for parking and other features is the first step in the asphalt paving process. It is worth investing in a full-service pavement contractor that can help with the design of your project and choosing the right features for your needs. They can draw a couple of pavement design options for your property, and you can choose the best solution for your needs.

Consider Pavement Designs That Incorporate Surroundings

Sometimes, the surrounding landscape is forgotten about when installing new asphalt pavements. Therefore, you might want to do more to incorporate the landscaping of your property into the pavement design. This can be done by adding green features like islands with gardens or medians with plants instead of concrete dividers. This is a simple way to improve the appearance of your property when investing in new pavements.

The Right Materials Will Give You Better Asphalt Pavement

The materials that you choose for the installation of new pavement are also important decisions that you have to make. This should start with the base layer of aggregate that is installed beneath the pavement. You want to have a solid base of gravel, which will prevent settling and allow for good drainage. For the asphalt pavement, there are traditional materials, as well as green alternatives made from recycled materials like plastics.

Consider Painting and Seal Coating for the Finishes

The painting of your new pavement surfaces is the last step in the asphalt paving process. First, you might want to consider a seal coating to make the pavement more durable and protect it from deterioration. You can choose the base colors of the seal coating and then have painting done on top of it to give your new commercial pavement an attractive, custom look.

Adding the right features to your asphalt paving installation is just the beginning of a successful project. Contact an asphalt paving service to start planning the right features to add to the design of your property's new pavements.