Signs You Need Commercial Roof Replacement Services

If you operate a commercial building, you want your roof to serve you for as many years as possible. But mother nature and time conspire against your wishes all the time. To safeguard your inventory, staff, and equipment, you should consider commercial roof replacement. When you time it right, it offers money-saving benefits to your business.

Indeed, roofing inspections help you to keep tabs on the health and integrity of your roof. When you engage a roofing inspector, it's easy to catch signs that warrant a system overhaul. Sometimes, replacing the roof is a cost-effective option compared to paying for repairs. If there are installation issues or weather-triggered problems, you must know when to replace your commercial roof.

Here are signs that you need commercial roof replacement services.

Damaged Flat Roof Flashing

The metal edging that secures the perimeter of your commercial roof plays a significant role on your flat roof. It seals joints and sections that handle large volumes of runoff. It binds these areas to prevent water from infiltrating the roofing system. 

If this metal detail is bent, corroded, or rusty, it could trigger problems. If your flashing has sealing issues, water can gradually seep into the system and cause untold damage. If you detect the problem when it's too late, you'll face a costly roof replacement job. You should inspect the flashing and get immediate repairs to increase the roof's integrity.

Cracked Or Blistered Roof Surface

When water finds its way deep into your flat roof system, it triggers reactions that release gases and forms blisters. These bubbles or air pockets signal a bigger problem underneath the membrane. When you notice bubble formation on the roof's surface, you'll need to remove them before addressing the underlying issue. 

You must call a reliable roofer to diagnose and determine the best remedy. By the time blisters show up on your roof, the chances are that water damage is at an irreversible stage. Your roofing contractor will recommend a replacement if there is widespread roof membrane damage.

Sagging and Dipped Surface

When professionally installed, a commercial roof can handle its weight. However, if you notice signs of sagging or drastic changes in appearance, you must take quick action. Accumulated water inside the layers can lead to extreme soaking in the insulation. 

This compromises the structure and the roof's water-bearing capacity. If a roofer detects water damage, decking issues, or poor craftsmanship, they'll recommend roof replacement to stop the roof from collapsing and prevent other problems that could hamper operations.