Construction Site Dredging To Prepare For Foundation Work

When you are building a project close to water or over wetland areas, there is work that needs to be done. This can cause complications when it is time to break ground for foundations. Therefore, dredging and other work may be needed to prepare your project for foundation work. The following construction site dredging information will help you prepare your next project for a foundation:

Beginning With Geological Surveying

The site where you are planning on the building needs to be surveyed to start planning your project. Geological surveying may be needed to determine the type of sediments and bedrock materials that are on the site. This will help you with planning and deciding how much sediment has to be removed. It can also help you determine where bedrock or solid ground is located beneath the sediments to support structural foundations and marine construction.

Options for Dredging Equipment to Access Sites

There are different types of dredging equipment that can be used for your project. First, you want to consider access to your site. The dredging equipment needs to be able to easily access the site. You may also need additional barges and conveyor systems to move sediments that are removed from the site. The conveyor systems can be part of the dredging barge that is used for underwater excavations or installed on separate barges.

Making Changes to Land and Moving Sediments

The dredging work that you have done will produce excess sediment, which can be moved to a different area. It can also be used for construction and building land areas for construction. When the area where you are building has soft soil, you may need to build up the site and compact materials to provide a solid foundation for construction. The materials that are removed during the dredging processes are a good solution for this work.

Marine Construction to Prevent Sediment Movement

There are some unique challenges when building on water. If you have done dredging work, then it is important that the site doesn't fill back up with sediment when the work has been completed. Therefore, some marine construction work needs to be done to keep sediments out of the dredged areas. These foundations can be rocks, piers that are driven beneath the soil, and specially designed marine soil grouting. The additional support will ensure structures have the structural support they need.

The dredging is going to be needed to prepare your project for foundation work. Contact a construction site dredging service to prepare your next project.