Signs Your Brick Landscape Wall Needs Repairs

Brick walls can add a lot of character to a landscape. Brick is also pretty durable — it has been used outside for years — and as such, it can stand up to the wind, rain, and snow that it faces. However, most brick walls used in landscaping do eventually suffer some damage and require repairs. It's important to know when masonry repairs are needed so that you don't accidentally let the wall fall into a state of disrepair. Call a masonry professional promptly if you notice any of these issues with your brick wall.

Missing Mortar

A little mortar chipping out here and there may not seem like a big deal. But if the mortar on the outside of the wall is breaking down and chipping away, then you can assume the more internal mortar is also starting to break down. This can soon allow the wall to start collapsing down on itself. A masonry professional can come and assess the extent of the mortar deterioration. They may find that they just need to add to or replace the mortar in a few places, or they may need to take apart and reassemble part of the wall.

Bulging Bricks

When you look down the wall, do you see some bricks that look like they're bulging out from the wall's surface? This issue is known as frost boil. It happens most often when winter temperatures fluctuate around the freezing point. Water gets inside the wall, freezes, and expands, pushing the bricks outward. The bricks will continue to bulge further and further outward until you have a mason come to remove them, put them back in place, and re-mortar them.

Cracked Bricks

One or two cracked bricks are not usually a reason for concern, especially if the cracks are mostly vertical. The cracked halves of the brick should still be able to support the weight of the rest of the wall. Horizontal cracks, on the other hand, tend to be more worrisome. One half could get pushed out of the wall, contributing to a collapse. You should also be concerned if a lot of bricks in the same area are cracking, as this could cause part of the wall to collapse. A mason can remove and replace any cracked bricks, restoring the wall's integrity.

The secret to caring for a brick wall is to have it fixed before things get too serious. Find a good mason in your area, and you can depend on them to keep your wall in great shape.