Why A Gas Furnace May Be A Better Choice For Your Home Than An Electric Model

If you're renovating your old house and your home needs a new furnace, you may be debating on whether you should get a gas or electric model. Each has its pros and cons so be sure to talk to a heating contractor and get advice for the best furnace that matches your local climate. All things considered, you may find a gas furnace is a better choice if you live where winters are long and cold. Here's why.

Gas Furnaces Are Cheaper To Operate

Although an electric furnace might be cheaper to buy upfront, an electric furnace is more expensive to operate. Gas is less expensive as a fuel, so that makes it a good choice when you need to run your furnace daily for months.

If you want a comparison of operating costs, talk to your heating contractor. Electricity and gas are measured in different units, so the contractor can make calculations to help you see how much you'll save by using gas based on current fuel prices.

Gas Furnaces Produce Heat Quickly

Gas is able to create hotter heat faster than an electric burner. This means your home will heat up quicker when the furnace kicks on. This helps you stay comfortable in the winter, and it helps your home get warm faster when you turn up the thermostat upon returning home from work. You may appreciate the faster and better heating ability of gas during times of bitterly cold winter weather.

Natural Gas Furnaces Are Efficient

New gas furnaces are energy efficient. That's one reason they have low operating costs. If you live where winters can be extremely cold, then having an efficient furnace is important for energy savings.

Look for a new furnace with an Energy Star rating when you're interested in efficiency. These ratings help you find the most energy-efficient model, and the label also shows you the anticipated yearly and lifetime operating costs of the furnace.

If you already have gas lines in your home, or if you have a propane tank, then a gas furnace is a logical choice since you won't have the added expense of gas line installation. If the house you're renovating had a gas furnace previously, then staying with gas could be the best idea even if the equipment costs more upfront.

Your heating contractor has the experience and knowledge to help you make the right choice when you're undecided about the type of furnace to buy. Plus, a contractor may know what people in your area have and how different types of equipment perform in cold weather. Contact a heating contractor for more information.